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Discover a proven, repeatable process for attracting Realtors not loyal to someone else so you get referrals faster

Join these amazing loan officers who use Jetmatic to get referrals from Realtors

Feeling frustrated when it comes to getting Realtors to give you a chance?

Learn the power of 1 new and revolutionary technique that allows you to attract Realtors like a magnet

Eliminate Cold Calling so you stop chasing tire kickers and wasting time

Get conversations started in your inbox with Realtors eager to speak with you

Start relationships that bring referrals faster

What is Jetmatic?

It's a service that virtually fast tracks you to applying affinity in a way that's enjoyable as it is effective.

You can quickly start conversations inside your inbox with Realtors eager to speak with you...

You can easily generate 1 - 2 appointments weekly without any advertising expense, cold calling or buying leads...

You can reach 50 Realtors everyday ...all without having to hire sales staff

The reason why loan officers struggle with Realtors is because they don't do enough prospecting....Jetmatic eliminates this challenge so you grow faster.

~ Jeffrey Nelson

Jetmatic Creator

Results come fast, beginning in as little as 2 weeks, you'll be amazed to see that you are connecting with Realtors more than ever before...

Your progress continues over the following 30 - 45 days and you really begin to experience things like getting meetings on demand so you attract Realtors who are not loyal to another lender...

...and it just keeps getting better:

In as little as 90 days...that's you settle fully into the system and experience prospecting on autopilot...allowing you more freedom and security.

Does It Really Work?

How Does It Work?

It starts with LinkedIn.

If your Realtors are on LinkedIn, I'll get you speaking with them so you can make friends and get referrals going faster.

It's like having a sales person knocking 50 doors every single day.

But if you're not on LinkedIn connecting, messaging and engaging everyday with Realtors, you're missing out.

I'll do the heavy lifting for you. I'll get Realtors connecting with you and send messages on your behalf to start conversations with ones interested in you....all you do is take over the conversation and start the relationship.

Here is Exactly What I'll Provide

2. Automated Outreach

1. Super Connector

From inside your LinkedIn account, I will send invitations daily to 50 Realtors asking to connect with you.

3. The Power of Follow Up

Realtors who do not reply receive up to 3 additional messages sent over 10 days to increase the response rate.

When Realtors respond you take control of the conversation.

Sales Navigation Professional subscription is required on your LinkedIn account. It is a premium service offered by LinkedIn that is used to target Realtors in your specific area. LinkedIn offers a free 30 day trial and then becomes a $79 month-to-month subscription.

Realtors who accept your invitation are exported to a spreadsheet in your Google account.

Using your GMail account, we send an introduction message requesting an opportunity to chat by phone.

Does It Really Work?

Watch your peers share how automated prospecting has helped them get referrals....







Wait! It Gets Better

Jetmatic finds the low hanging fruit so you can get your foot in the door, but what about the rest of the fruit?


After connecting on LinkedIn and using Jetmatic to introduce yourself, how will you stay in touch?

Let’s face it, sending mortgage newsletters is dry and boring.

Boomerang delivers pre-made Interactive Content, such as quizzes, calculators, assessments and surveys that are branded as your own to increase active engagement and bring Realtors into a deeper relationship with your personal brand.

Each week we share a piece of Interactive Content by sending it to your email list and posting to your LinkedIn profile.

Whether it's a quiz, calculator or assessment, each one is designed to get Realtors engaged so your message gets into their mind as if Interactive Content was telepathic.

They experience your personal brand, it forges a meaningful connection, and it opens more doors for you.

The bottom line is that Boomerang is the perfect compliment to Jetmatic. The combined services solve two major difficulties; getting your foot in the door and staying in touch.

And because we handle it, you know it's getting done.

Jetmatic and Boomerang can be bundled for special pricing or purchased separately.

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Jetmatic and Boomerang

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